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Scarce resources produce best environmental communication in Finland!

In the scope of the experiment, an operating model for producing an operating model for high-quality environmental communications was built together by several municipalities. The aim was to generate Finland's most effective and fun local climate and environmental communication in a positive and solution-oriented manner.


  • A "Check List" for positive and solution-oriented environmental communications was created.
  • It was recognised that communication should be multichannel. The significance of social media was smaller than expected.
  • It was surprising to learn was that today’s young people as previously value the school as a source of reliable information and wished to bring messages to schools. 


  • The municipalities participating in the project will continue to implement joint communications starting from spring 2020. Cooperation with schools will also continue.
  • The experiment serves as an example for others of successful cooperation between municipalities.

In collaboration with

  • City of Raisio
  • City of Kaarina
  • Municipality of Lieto
  • City of Naantali
  • Ministry of the Environment
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