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Luanikas viherkäine Rauma (‘Naturally green Rauma’)

Rauma 2030 Kestävän hyvinvoinnin tiellä - kohti hiilineutraalia kuntaa

The aim of the experiment was to produce a visually impressive interactive roadmap for 2030 on the principles of sustainable urban development in Rauma. The work was carried out with extensive cooperation and inclusion.


  • The project produced information on the possibilities and current state of urban development in Rauma. 

  • Cooperation with educational institutions provided good ideas to support work on the roadmap.

  • It was observed that a good way to reach the residents is to go where they are. Cooperation with organisations and participation in large public events will help.


  • The participatory implementation method for the Rauma Sustainable Development Roadmap can be duplicated and can serve as a model for other municipalities. 
  • The aim is to make Rauma a visible environmentally-friendly area that implements sustainable urban development and the circular economy, and to preserve its unique cultural heritage as local industry develops environmentally-friendly solutions alongside it.

In collaboration with

  • City of Rauma
  • Ministry of the Environment
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