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Development of outdoor recreational areas for special groups

The Lapua experiment developed Liuhtari outdoor areas through workshops and other participatory activities. Functional elements have been lacking in the area and unhindered access has been difficult. The aim is for green areas to be used more and for more encounters between special groups and other urban residents to take place in green areas.

The project examined the possible location of landscape pastures suitable for sheep, as the arrival of animals increases encounters and brings meaningful activities to outdoor areas. Residents participate in animal care.


  • The map 
    • acts as a construction plan for the park work. 
    • acts as an independent element in a completed park. 
    • has images that can be utilised the city's information material. 
  • Possible follow-up projects identified, the importance of highlighting history to local residents.
  • The start of landscape management grazing, gaining new experiences for special groups. 


  • An understanding of the needs of special groups increases tolerance. 
  • A tool to support, strengthen and promote local identity. 
  • Community-based design can be copied to all planning.
  • Increased cooperation with other municipalaities under the same administration

In collaboration

  • City of Lapua,
    • Green area services and 
    • Cultural services
  • Ministry of the Environment
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