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A communal art garden in Lähde! Park

Keltaisia haavanlehtiä nurmikolla, yhden lehden päällä punaisia marjoja. Kuvassa näkyy myös kolmen hengen kädet. Kuva on Lähde-puistoon toteutetun yhteisöllisen Valonlähde -esityksen valmistelusta.

A well-being park is a green environment where art and nature come together to activate residents and support their wellbeing in the municipality of Ii.

There is a shared intent between municipal actors and associations and companies, which will lead to cooperation and concrete event production in parks.


  • Local associations produce communal and accessible art events in Ii’s well-being parks. 
  • Professional artists are involved in implementing art-based activities in parks. 
  • There is close cooperation between the municipal sectors in the field of well-being activities.


  • Communal activities combining physical activity and art-oriented activities in the local natural environment are available for residents. 
  • The well-being of local residents increases by participating in communal activities in parks. 
  • A model for art-based well-being production to be duplicated at the municipal level.

In collaboration with

  • Municipality of Ii 
  • Ii Institute
  • Art Centre KulttuuriKauppila
  • Ministry of the Environment

Photo: Merja Männikkö 

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