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A sustainable life for the residents of Riihimäki

Kestävän elämäntavan piirroshahmot: Sipi Siili ja ystävät

The aim of the KERI experiment was to raise awareness among Riihimäki residents on sustainable services and to get city residents to choose these, to form a community that supports a sustainable lifestyle, and to outline the operating model of a goods and items loaning point. The experiment was implemented through meetings, discussion, communication, networking and gathering observations, findings and ideas.


  • Operating model for loaning of goods and items
  • Sustainable services as a list and on a map
  • Guidance on a sustainable lifestyle
  • Story "Sipi Siili's Birthday" and the test "Which sustainable lifestyle character are you?”
  • "Riihimäki for Sustainable Life” Network 


  • Sustainable services are listed in a visible place, which improves their accessibility.
  • City residents learn about sustainability and learn to make more sustainable choices in everyday life.
  • With the help of the KERI network, the message of a sustainable lifestyle can be widely disseminated.
  • Libraries are expanding their service to loan items.

In collaboration

  • City of Riihimäki
    • Environmental protection
    • Library
    • Recycling Center
  • Ministry of the Environment
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