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Vähäkyrö Cultural Circle

The aim was to develop a people-oriented sense of place and local identity in a rural village which became a part of City of Vaasa 7 years ago.

The aim was to highlight historic treasures in a new way and to get people to move about in the surrounding area. By developing cultural services, a sense of local pride and sights for visitors are created.


  • The results include a map service, concrete environmental artworks, guided tours, handicrafts demonstrations, videos, a brochure and the launch of summer artist cooperation. 
  • Mysticism and handicrafts were identified as the themes for tourism communications.
  • Cooperation across administrative boundaries.
  • Experiences, wonderment "I never knew they did this here.”


  • A vision on steps to be taken. 
  • New development projects: The hiking path project, the tourism product project and the construction of new operating models.
  • A spirit of communal creativity: New actors awaken and start making proposals and launching activities, an enabling and experimental operating culture and the fight against apathy.

In collaboration

  • City of Vaasa
  • SAMK art education in Kankaanpää
  • Vähäkyrö Association
  • Vähänkyrö tour guides
  • Ministry of the Environment
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