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Cities solve sustainability challenges related to urban green spaces, urban planning and wellbeing

Sixteen Finnish municipalities are taking part in in the work on challenge clusters under the Sustainable City Programme. The aim is to tackle the most difficult sustainability challenges that cannot be solved by individual organisations or sectors alone. The three themes selected on the basis of the needs of cities are: urban green spaces in increasingly built-up cities, urban planning that takes sustainability targets into account, and flourishing communities in socially sustainable cities. The themes are particularly challenging as they combine the different dimensions of sustainability.

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Welcome to our virtual study trip to a sustainable city!

The Sustainable City programme, together with Demos Helsinki, will organise a study trip of three events on best practices for sustainable urban development. Led by interesting speakers and examples from international contexts, the events will focus on challenges faced by different kinds of urban spaces and areas. The events will be held in English.

Press release

Key indicators for sustainable urban development published – Join us in their testing and further development

How should the sustainability of cities be measured? The project carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE ‘Indicators for sustainable urban development’ was a multi-stage participatory process to draw up a proposal for key indicators for sustainable urban development. The aim is to support cities, ministries and other stakeholders in monitoring sustainable urban development. The follow-up project to be started now will test the key indicators that have been identified in municipalities interested in this work.

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Good solutions put to practice – boost to scaling good practices for sustainable urban development

Municipalities and cities across Finland have developed their activities towards better environmental, social and economic sustainability. The project ‘Levers for a Sustainable City’ (VIPU) looks for solutions for faster scaling of good practices. Besides urban development, the tools created can also be used for other purposes.

Solutions for sustainable cities: examples from the Sustainable City Programme

null Pupu, bunny, ’arnab – participation in a multicultural urban environment
  • Socially sustainable cities
  • pilots for social sustainability

Pupu, bunny, ’arnab – participation in a multicultural urban environment

The aim of the project was to increase the participation of foreign-language speakers and residents with different cultural backgrounds in land use planning and also to encourage them to examine their own residential area and neighbourhood in a more extensive manner as well as the give opinions on its development.

The project developed resident-oriented methods and channels for gathering experiences, views and ideas from residents on developing the Pupuhuhta area during the local detailed plan preparation phase.


  • The project increased the understanding residents with different cultural backgrounds in the target area had on the planning of the neighbouring environment and the local detailed plan process, and they provided ideas and hopes on which to base local detailed plan work.
  • Various surveys were carried out during the project in the Maptionnaire service. 
  • The project produced an animated video on the local detailed plan process and a brochure map on the possibilities for hobbies in the area.
  • A team of residents compiled from the area’s residents was an essential cooperation group and cooperation with this team will continue. 


  • Improved inclusion of people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Insights for operating in a multicultural urban environment:
    • Plain language
    • Importance of understanding culture
    • "Expertise by experience”
    • The importance of face-to-face encounters.

In collaboration 

  • City of Jyväskylä
  • Mapita Oy
  • Multicultural Center Gloria
  • Ministry of the Environment