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Key indicators for sustainable urban development published – Join us in their testing and further development

How should the sustainability of cities be measured? The project carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE ‘Indicators for sustainable urban development’ was a multi-stage participatory process to draw up a proposal for key indicators for sustainable urban development. The aim is to support cities, ministries and other stakeholders in monitoring sustainable urban development. The follow-up project to be started now will test the key indicators that have been identified in municipalities interested in this work.

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Good solutions put to practice – boost to scaling good practices for sustainable urban development

Municipalities and cities across Finland have developed their activities towards better environmental, social and economic sustainability. The project ‘Levers for a Sustainable City’ (VIPU) looks for solutions for faster scaling of good practices. Besides urban development, the tools created can also be used for other purposes.

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New pilots to be launched – more sustainable cities and municipalities through collaboration

The Sustainable City programme will launch 12 pilot projects that promote inclusive and interactive sustainability work in cities and municipalities. The pilots will, among other things, improve residents' opportunities to participate in and influence municipal sustainability work. They also strengthen the use of data for purposes such as managing sustainability and helping residents make sustainable everyday choices.

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Seven experiments were conducted to develop solutions for promoting a pleasant and healthy green environment

In summer 2020 seven experimental and development projects were launched under the Sustainable City programme to promote a pleasant and healthy green environment. In these experiments urban developers tried to find answers to how the health impacts of green environments can be utilised and strengthened.

Solutions for sustainable cities: examples from the Sustainable City Programme

null A multiperspective review frame for common areas
  • Smart cities
  • Socially sustainable cities
  • Healthy cities
  • Low-carbon cities
  • pilots for pleasant and healthy green environment

A multiperspective review frame for common areas

Multi-objective urban planning is a reconciliation of different needs and perspectives. The cross-examination and coordination of the characteristics, different needs and objectives of the planning area is challenging in multidisciplinary projects. Timely discussion and decision-making help to find suitable solutions for different locations.

The work produced a review framework that highlights conflicts between different objectives and needs so that they can be identified in time and successfully coordinated. This will promote multifaceted solutions that take social, environmental and economic sustainability into account.


  • The result was a review framework that brings together different perspectives and highlights the issues to be coordinated in a timely manner and facilitates the progress of the planning process.


  • The review framework constructed in the experiment can be used to support urban planning, especially in projects where the urban structure becomes denser than at present. 
  • The table is useful regardless of geographical location.
  • The table also highlights the different perspectives and opportunities presented by sustainable development and facilitates the definition of sustainable planning solutions in practice.

In collaboration

  • City of Espoo
  • Ramboll Finland Oy
  • Ministry of the Environment